Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dead Fish Hat

I finally finished the Dead Fish Hat for Misty's birthday and will send it off in the mail tomorrow. I used a button for the eye so I'm not sure if Misty is going to think it is 'dead' enough looking, in which case I will switch them out with felt and make even deader looking eyes. She picked the colors: black and white with blue lips and dead you think she will like it?? I certainly hope so!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Velvet Hood for Brandy

I've been working on and finally finished the Velvet Hood for my daughter Brandy for Christmas. You can also find the pattern here on Ravelry. I used Patons Super Chenille in 2453 a grapey purple color that Brandy will love. I hope she likes it. One less Christmas present to worry about now...yay!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

washed, stuffed and drying

I finally washed the Little Felted Bag and the Felted Ditty Bags! They are now stuffed with plastic bags and sitting out to dry. All that's left now is to line them and add the handles and they are ready to be used.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kellokukka Shawl

I've started a new shawl called Kellokukka, this is the progress so far. This is the first time I have knitted totally from the chart and it was only a little confusing at first but I finally got the hang of it!

Finished Abby!

I've finished the Abby (here on Ravelry) and finally taken pictures using Charlotte as my model. Okay I originally took the pics with me but the mirror was dirty (we won't go into my cleaning skills) so the picture looked crappy. Charlotte looks sooo cute in it even if she is being shy. I used Wildfoote luxury sock yarn in SY-800 Sonatina and I just love the pinks and oranges together.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Abby Cowl

I've started working on the Abby Cowl and this is how much I've gotten done so far. It's the beginning 4 rounds and one 18 row set of lace pattern. I'm using Wildfoote yarn and love the combination of pink and orange.

Little Felted Bag

I've finished the Little Felted Bag and am now off to felt both bags.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Felted Ditty Bag progress

I've finished knitting the Felted Ditty Bag and need to get it washed. I'm waiting to finish the Little Felted Purse before throwing them both in the wash to felt.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Scarflet take #2

Charlotte is modeling the chenille scarflet I finished in red suede. I haven't added the buttons yet and I will probably change the ones I put on the pink scarflet. Pattern for the scarflet is in the following post.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chenille Scarflette

Wanting a quick project to work on and finish I made the Chenille Scarflet, also found here on Ravelry. I used pink Gedifra Distrato that I had in my stash. Even thought the original pattern called for chenille I love the way it turned out in the Distrato. I'm not sure if I'll keep the large white buttons or try to find some in pink. If you want a really quick and easy project this is a great one to do!!

I've also started one in red chenille.

Oh and fyi - be careful asking your hubby to take pictures of stuff you've made especially if you're wearing it. He kept saying he was cutting the top of my head off and I totally didn't understand how that could be possible until I downloaded the pics and this is what I saw: MEN!! sometimes he can be such a perv.

Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl

I've finished Rambling Designs Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl and here on Ravelry. The pattern is fun and easy to follow and goes together rather quickly. I had to rip out the ending 3 times before I finally finished due to running out of yarn so the finished border isn't exactly like the pattern. I'm not sure if it was the yarn I used even though I used smaller needles or the fact that I knit a little loosely. I also did not do as many pattern repeats as called for. I'd like to do this shawl again with a larger yarn supply :) It still needs to be blocked but I'm presently doing some quilting and only have so much floor space so it will have to wait until I'm done.

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Project - Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl

I love shawls so it should come as no surprise that I've started another one. This one is called the Blue Jeans Lace Leaf Shawl and I'm making it with Artful Yarns Serenade. So far it's working up nicely and it is soft in angora and cotton. I love the pink and green twist both colors are favorites of mine.

At some point I'll start the Swallowtail Shawl again when I've found the perfect yarn to make it with (and one that I have plenty of too). :)

Finished Calorimetry

I've finished the Calorimetry, realized after I finished that others had mentioned casting on fewer stitches, ripped it out and started over with fewer stitches. My daughter has already placed dibs on it and here I wanted it for myself...well there is plenty of yarn left and since I did make 2 over the weekend, it won't take that long to make a 3rd now will it?

Anyway I've auditioned buttons, the orange was too pink, the white too stark but the brownish mother of pearl blends the best so I've chosen it to go on the Calorimetry.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Worm Scarf

This is Wilbur modeling the Worm Scarf by Julie Weisenberger that I made using Lane Cervinia Bernina in color #11. My hubby tends to prefer sedate and dignified but I on the other hand like glitzy and off the wall and this pattern satisfied both for me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Update Dulce Neck Warmer

I've finished knitting the Dulce Neck Warmer and am blocking it. I'll need to find a couple of buttons but would like to make some in clay for future projects.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kate Kuckro's design Flora was made for my mom for Christmas. It was made using Reynolds Frisky in black for the scarf and Gedifra Disastro for the pink flower. It was finished off with a pink flower button that I found at JoAnn's.

Champagne Leaf and Acorn Shawl

I've pulled this post from the Dogquilter blog which was originally posted 1/14/09. My niece Kylie is a frequent model for my projects. :)

This Champagne Leaf and Acorn Shawl by Shui Kuen Kozinski was made for me to wear to church. I totally don't remember which yarn I used but it is gold with metallic strands running through it.

New Post New Blog

Since I have been doing so much knitting and it isn't always of interest to quilters I thought I would start a new blog for the knitting projects. Of course I'm not sure where the dogs, cat and family will fit into this but I figure I'll work out those details later. I'm also not sure how to move knitted projects from the DOGQUILTER quilt blog to this blog either but I'm hopeful I will get it figured out (with a little help from friends) without losing too much sleep or hair in the process. Wish me luck.

Currently I am working on the Dulce Neck Cozy which I am making out of the Araucania Ranco that was previously going to be the Swallowtail Shawl but had to be scrapped because I ran out of yarn and the second hank I ordered was so off the original color but enough whining about that....

My second project is a pair of Charade socks that I am using Opal yarn for.